Windmill Lakes

Carp & Cat Fishing in France

Tony & Ryan Snelson, Graham & Mitch Moore - 12/04 - 19/04/14 (CARP LAKE ONLY)

CARP:  28 fish including 36lb, 41lb, 40lb 12oz, 30lb, 41lb 8oz, 37lb 8oz, 40lb 8oz, 38lb 8oz, 40lb 12oz, 51lb (new Lake record)  41lb, 39lb 14oz, 34lb

WOW!! What a week.  Food package superb - a must.  Weather was hot during the day and cold at night.  Fishing

Was the stuff of dreams, inlcuding a new lake record over 50lb.  Everyone left with new PB’s over 40lb.  Lake

And location was immaculate, you will not be disappointed!!

John Ellerton & Amanda Pickup - 19/04 - 26/04/2014 (1 ANGLER, CARP LAKE)

CARP:  14 fish including 45lb, 35lb, 37lb 4oz, 31lb, 33lb 8oz, 32lb, 36lb 4oz, 41lb, 37lb 8oz, 36lb.

One of the most relaxing holidays we have had - fishing or otherwise.  The whole ambiance from the moment you arrive is just pure tranquility.  The lake is just so picturesque and the food is brilliant - thanks Sue.  The fishing has been fantastic with fish up to 45lb (so far!!)  Can’t wait to come back :-) Thanks for being great hosts.

Mark Wilding & Bob Legray - 19/04 -26/04/2014 (CAT LAKE ONLY)

CARP: 142 fish for a total bag of 1678 lb !!!

CATS:  46lb 7oz

Being our first time French fishing I can truly say from both of us it has been fantastic.  Dave & Sue are a delight to converse with and hospitality is second to none.  Many thanks for such a great experience.

Paul Shepheard Party 03/05-10/05/14

CARP LAKE:  15 fish incl. 35lb 10oz, 49lb 12oz, 40lb 4oz, 42lb, 47lb, 29lb 12ox, 27lb 7oz, 20lb 7oz, 25lb 11oz

CAT LAKE: 27 fish inc. 2 CATS at 45lb 5oz & 34lb

Excellent fishing , food, the lakes are beautifully looked after.  Absolutly perfect.  Dave & Sue were brilliant.

Great fishing and food, good comfortable facilities, definately looking to return - Thanks.

Dan Hursey Party 17/05 - 24/05/14

CARP LAKE:  25 fish incl. 50lb, 44lb 2oz, 35lb, 32lb, 44lb 2oz, 30lb, 40lb, 41lb, 40lb, 40lb, 37lb, 43lb, 33lb 5oz

                    30lb 5oz, 46lb

CAT LAKE:  72lb 8oz of Carp caught by Josh, Jake & Reece.

Been coming to France carp fishing now for 10 years and can safely say Windmill Lakes is one of the best if not the best venue I have had the pleasure of fishing.  The lakes and banks are maintained beautifully, the fish are in pristine condition and Dave & Sue are great hosts and are always willing to give help and advice if needed.  We will be back next year and recommending to friends and family.


CARP LAKE:  22 fish inc. 31lb, 37lb 5oz, 36lb 2oz, 30lb 7oz, 34lb 7oz, 40lb 11oz, 30lb, 33lb, 30lb 10oz, 46lb 3oz, 31lb 4oz, 33lb 8oz, 39lb 2oz

3rd trip back to Windmill and still would come back.  Fishing was hard at the beginning of the week but towards the end of the week they came.  Top stuff once again.  Thanks Dave & Sue see you soon - Mark Bennison

Lovely food, lovely lakes, hard fishing at the start of the week then the lake came alive, broke my PB twice. Thanks Dave & Sue - Harry Longley.

Hard fishing at the start of the week but after a bit of patience what a week it turned out to be!!  Ended with a great double (2 fish at the same time - Sue).  Great food! Thanks Dave & Sue great week.  I’LL BE BACK! - Harry Saunders

DAVID HUGGINS PARTY  31/05 -07/06/14

CARP LAKE:  33lb, 39lb 4oz, 41llb 8oz, 39lb,

CAT LAKE:  30+ fish to 14lb

Fish were building up to spawning so quite hard on the Carp lake.  Cat lake fished well all week.  Surroundings excelant and food better than at home (almost - in case the wife reads this).  Despite low big fish numbers one of best weeks had by all.


CARP LAKE:  24lb, 38lb & 36lb 12oz

CAT LAKE:  50+ carp to 19lb plus 32lb Cat.

Difficult Carp lake - Cat lake fished well all week.  Beautiful place, facilities great. Despite no huge fish everyone had a fantastic week.  Would all definitely return. Cheers Dave & Sue.

Carp Lake fished very hard all week but came good in the end.  Beautiful lake, well managed and run - will be back in the future.  Thanks.


CAT LAKE:  60 Carp  plus 62lb Catfish

Had a great time, food excellent, accommodation good, very helpful people.  Cat lake fished well.  Thanks a lot.


CARP LAKE:  41lb, 31lb, 37lb, 40lb, 32lb, 41lb, 37lb, 30lb, 30lb, 36lb, 39lb 4oz, 30lb, 25lb, 33lb & 39lb

What a fantastic venue.  Hosts are exceptional and food is second to none, the perfect all round venue and some awesome fish to boot.  WELSH LOVE TO YOU ALL.......

STAINES MASSIVE  21 - 28/06/14

CARP LAKE:  50lb 6oz, 43lb & 36lb

CAT LAKE:  CATS, 25lb, 20lb, 31lb, 25lb, 25lb, 22lb  CARP:  Numerous to 17lb

Fantastic week, fantastic place, fantastic food & fantastic hosts.  Many, many thanks for a great week.  See you next year - Scott Milligan

I defy anyone to spend 120 euros any wiser than to be catered for here!!!!! 4th year 2 more P B’s see you soon – Wiff


Great week fishing on the Cat lake. 180 Carp and 7 Cats adding up to 1722lb!!  Great food, great venue, Dave & Sue both very helpful.  Would come back and would recommend.  120 euros for food package well spent.  Best fishing trip we’ve been on!  Thanks for all your help!!


CARP:  38lb 12oz & 40lb 2oz, GRASS CARP: 23lb 3oz & 37lb

Slow start on Carp lake.  Rain & sunny spells some heavy.  Dave & Sue great hosts and food was best I’ve had on french carp waters.  120 euros well spent. Will be back next year to break my blank, some beautiful fish in top condition.  Thanks for a great week.  Ooh broke my blank with 12 hrs to go 37lb Grass Carp Yahoo!!!


What a lovely venue, great scenery, huge amount of wildlife and lots of Carp into the mid-doubles.  A fantastic relaxing holiday and just what was needed.  Thanks Dave & Sue

RAY WITHERS PARTY  19/07 - 25/07/14

CARP:  25 Commons & Mirrors from Cat lake plus 29lb 3oz Mirror from Carp Lake

Brilliant hospitality, food was great, scenery was stunning.  Thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Thank you Dave & Sue! Will definately be coming back!

Just wanna say cheers for a superb weeks break.  Fishing was tough but most enjoyable.  Food was great and the hosts were superb.  Many thanks.

ANDREW HUGHES PARTY 25/07 - 02/08/14

CARP:  32lb 5oz, 36lb, 31lb 8oz, 38lb 5oz, 35lb 5oz & 36lb 10oz,   GRASSCARP: 25lb 10oz

Brilliant friendly place, nice lake with a good stock of fish, would definitely come back, great food!  Had a great time.  Good fishing, great food, highly recommended.

DARREN & JEFF HAYTER  25/07 - 05/08/14

CARP: 39lb, 27lb, 32lb, 28lb, 20lb, 31lb, 28lb, 38lb, 34lb 4oz, 34lb, 41lb, 36lb 5oz, 40lb, 39lb 5oz, 32lb 5oz,

          25lb 5oz,   GRASSCARP: 25lb, 36lb 5oz, 32lb, 18lb & 25lb

CATS:30lb, 42lb, 51lb, 22lb, 29lb, 44lb & 65lb

Simply Superb!  Gets better each year, got my PB Grass Carp & Catfish!  Looking forward to next year already.  Oh and the food is top notch - thanks Sue!

JACK WILLIAMS PARTY 02/08 - 09/08/2014

CARP: 34lb 6oz, 39lb, 35lb 8oz, 37lb 12oz, 34lb 8oz, 48lb 9oz (PB) 33lb 6oz, 27lb 9oz, 37lb 2oz, 39lb 9oz, 40lb 13oz, 35lb 12oz, 27lb 2oz, 43lb 10ox, 33lb 6oz, 26lb   GRASSCARP: 32lb 1oz, & 30lb 6oz

CATS: 6 inc. 65lb, 57lb 13oz & another 57lb 13oz

Great time had by all.  Good fishing, good food, couldn’t ask for more.  Even the rain couldn’t get us down. :-)

THE REED PARTY 09/08-15/08/2014

CARP:  41lb, 29lb, 28lb, 41lb 8oz, 38lb 8oz, 37lb 4oz, 36lb

CATS: 58lb

Another great week at Windmill Lakes, Lovely scenery, great company and brilliant food!  A couple of PB’s broke for some :-) Still got to get a grass carp. Dave & Sue are excellent hosts.  Looking forward to next year.

STEVE WILES & PARTY 16/08 - 23/08/2014

CARP:  32lb, 36lb, 26lb, 38lb, 38lb, 27lb, 38lb 2oz, 28lb, 50lb, 35lb, 34lb, 34lb 8oz, 27lb, 41lb, 36lb, 22lb 8oz, 23lb, 40lb 8oz, 23lb   GRASSCARP:  32lb

Beautiful surroundings, great food, great fishing, great company.  Can’t wait for next year.  Many thanks Dave & Sue.

JOHN DREW & JOHN TWIGG & PARTY  23/08 - 30/08/2014

CARP:  44lb, 48lb, 44lb 8oz, 35lb 8oz, 35lb, 20lb, 33lb, 20lb, 21lb plus numerous doubles from Cat lake.

Good food, nice lake.  Got PB on Carp Lake 44lb 8oz will be back again. - John Twigg

JOHN ELLERTON & PARTY RETURN 30/08 - 06/09/2014

CARP:  38lb 4oz, 25lb 4oz, 23lb 12oz, 42lb, 30lb 8oz, 42lb 12oz, 37lb 12oz, 31lb, 35lb 4oz, 26lb 12oz, 32lb 12oz, 44lb

4th Visit and can’t wait for the 5th!!!  16 fish, perfect weather, fantastic food and great hosts - what more could you wish for?

GARY & ANGIE KITCH 30/08 -06/09/2014

CARP: 24lb 7oz, 35lb, 38lb, 34lb 12oz, 32lb 4oz, 22lb 4oz, 48lb 2oz, 38lb 6oz

Perfect week - good weather (maybe not perfect for fishing!!).  Fantastic food and perfect hosts who make you feel so welcome.  Thank you.  Met some really lovely people and I had my PB what more could you ask for???? THANK YOU

ADAM & RAY THOMAS 6/09-13/09/2014

CARP: 26lb 8oz, 29lb 10oz, 34lb 7oz, 28lb 11oz, 31lb 8oz, 37lb 3oz & 40lb 5oz

Great weeks fishing. Lovely weather.  Wonderful food.  Thanks you for a fantastic time.  3x20’s, 3x30’s and a very nice 40lb Mirror.

DARREN PALMER PARTY 13/09-20/09/2014

CARP: 41lb 7oz, 33lb 7oz, 42lb, 30lb, 46lb 15oz, 35lb, 31lb 11oz, 27lb, 29lb 15oz, 21lb 1oz & 39lb 2oz

Love this place, one of the best carp lakes in France!  Something for everyone here, gonna miss it.  Dave & Sue best hosts ever!! Roll on next year and the next session.  Thanks Dave & Sue :-)

KEVIN READER PARTY 20/09-27/09/2014

CARP: 20lb 3oz, 33lb, 30lb, 35lb, 37lb 8oz, 33lb 8oz, 35lb 8oz & 35lb

Great week, nice weather, lovely fish and great hosts.  Really enjoyed the peace and quite.  Also, broke my PB 3 times.

SIMON DICKINSON PARTY 04/10-11/10/2014

CARP: 31lb 7oz, 33lb 1oz, 31lb, 27lb 10oz, 34lb 1oz, 36lb 8oz, 25lb 8oz, 20lb 4oz, 29lb 4oz, 29lb 8oz, 29lb 8oz, 40lb 5oz,  45lb 5oz, 29lb 9oz, 34lb 10oz, 35lb 10oz, 35lb 8oz, 28lb 10oz, 38lb 8oz, 35lb 5oz, 21lb, 37lb, 39lb 1oz, 50lb 14oz, 22lb 14oz, 26lb 12oz, 25lb, 37lb 2oz, 25lb, 34lb 14oz plus 20 carp from Cat Lake.

Fantastic week, great hosts, great lakes, even better looking fish.  2 PB’s had.  Thanks.

Brilliant weeks fishing, lots of fish.  3 PB’s  Thank You.