Catch report 2015

Catch report 2014

Kevin, Mitch & Richard – All Seasons Bait Development  26/03-02/04/2016

CARP: 51lb 2oz, 48lb, 42lb 8oz, 45lb 12oz, 13 thirties and 6 twenties.

Enjoyable week despite the rain, and it did rain!! 32 Carp up to 52lb can’t be bad.  Thanks to Dave & Sue, see you again for sure.

Ian Williams Party 02/04-09/04/2016

CARP: 51lb, 49lb, 7 thirties and 6 twenties.

Our third trip back to the lake which we love so much.  The weather was not on our side this year as it was rain and quite cold at times but we still managed to produce 17 fish up to 51 lbs and a good laugh on the cat lake with loads of doubles.  As for our hosts, Dave & Sue were spot on as usual and the food was exceptional and only gets better every year.  Looking forward to our next and fourth trip here in two years.  Keep up the good work guys.  Love the boys xx

Mark Hocken Party 09/04-16/04/2016

CARP: Numerous doubles from Cat lake plus 3 Cats: 44lb, 66lb & 38lb

First trip here, weather was varied storms, rain and sunny.  Catfish lake is a real runs water with 3 large catfish out and a further 3 lost to hook pulls.  Dave & Sue, you have a real gem here.  Food was amazing!!  Carp lake turned off this week with only one bite to Carl.  Next year will be a revisit – see you then.

Love the place. Carl

Olly Piasecki & Matt Patterson 16/04 – 23/04/16

CARP:  44lb, 38lb, 38lb 5oz, 30lb plus 4 twenties, 5 doubles and a pretty tench at 5lb 5oz

Great fishing throughout the week.  Smashed my PB twice.  Dave and Sue are brilliant hosts making you feel at home.  The food was outstanding!  We will definitely come back in the near future.  Many thanks Dave & Sue

Martin Bundock Party  23/04-30/04/2016

CARP: 45lb, 34lb 14oz, 31lb 10oz, 34lb 6oz, 40lb Plus 2 twenties

A great venue.  The weather made for a very challenging week.  Eight fish were caught, with a PB for Martyn with a 45lb Mirror and a PB for Ken with a 40lb Grass carp.  Dave and Sue were great hosts and we enjoyed the food package.  We will be back!

Matt Thompson & Peter Cossey 30/04 - 07/05/2016

CARP:  42lb 1oz, 38lb 2oz, 37lb 2oz, 44lb 4oz  GRASSCARP: 32lb 8oz, 36lb 4oz, 39lb 8oz Plus 3 twenties.

Second visit to Windmill lakes and once again had a great time.  Tough fishing conditions but still had  10.  Had my first Grass carp and a new PB 44lb 4oz Mirror.  Peter also with a new PB 39lb 8.  Great food & hosts.  Never disappointed – will be looking at returning for a 3rd time.

Nick & Allen Wilson  07/05-11/05/2016 CAT LAKE ONLY

CARP:  21lb, 22lb, 21lb plus 47 doubles and 3 Cats to 42lb

50+ fish, Plenty of action on the Cat Lake! Great food, nice people.

Lee Giddens Party 07/05-14/05/2016

CARP:  43lb, 34lb plus 3 twenties. GRASSCARP:  40lb, 27lb

Very hard week due to spawning on Sunday morning.  Outstanding food !! Many thanks Sue & Dave.  See you in September

Ian Green Party  14/05-21/05/2016

CARP:  46lb, 42lb 2oz, 42lb 2oz, 6 thirties, 4 twenties and 3 doubles.

Our first trip to Windmill Lakes.  Fabulous food and hospitality from Sue & Dave.  Fishing great for Stuart with several 40’s coming out. Not so good for the rest of us, but that’s fishing .  Lovely lake and a great week had by all.

Doug Crook Party 21/05-28/05/2016

CARP:  40lb 6oz, 15 thirties, 12 twenties and 5 doubles plus numerous carp from Cat lake.  CATS: 3 up to 24lb 6oz

First time at Windmill.  What a lovely place, great fishing and great hosts = great holiday.  Dave the owner is a proper fella

Kevin Hart Party 28/05 – 04/06/16

CARP:33lb 3oz, 35lb 3oz, 27lb 3oz,34lb 12oz, 22lb, 29lb, 34lb, 33lb, 31lb

CAT LAKE: 206.8lb mixed bag

Great venue, pristine carp, very well looked after lakes and grounds. Dave & Sue are fantastic hosts with great info and some of the best food I’ve tasted. Highly recommended, can’t wait to return.

Adam Richards Party 04/06 – 11/06/16

CARP: 34lb, 30lb, 38lb, 34lb 8oz, 34lb, 33lb 12oz, 35lb 3oz, 44lb, 47lb 8oz, 30lb, 36lb plus 6 twenties and 4 doubles

Our 5th visit, says it all really. Tricky week  at times but finished with 21 between 3 of us, up to 47 lb 8oz.  Sue’s food was exceptional as always and great company with Dave & Sue.

Stephen Kormass Party 11/06 – 18/06/16

CARP:  34lb, 38lb, 37lb, 30lb, 34lb, 30lb, 30lb 7oz, 34lb, 34lb 5oz, 39lb 3oz, 44lb 4oz plus 1 twenty and 3 doubles.

CATS:30lb, 51lb 5oz, 70lb, 70lb, 25lb & 35lb

Excellent !!!  Sue & Dave were fantastic!!  Food superb, even made me a birthday cake!! (Tommy Stewart)  Fish are immaculate!!  Bad weather but great venue and great people!!  Can’t wait to come back!!

Dan Hursey Party 25/06 – 02/07/16

CARP: 36lb, 40lb 8oz, 30lb 4oz, 29lb, 52lb, 25lb plus numerous doubles from Cat lake.

CATS: 85lb

My 1st visit here (Dawn) absolutely stunning venue, lots of wildlife, lot of beautiful carp, partner Dan caught an 85lb catfish and 52lb carp.  Son, Reece, caught his first catfish and 40+ carp and lots more.  Sue & Dave have been totally amazing, accomadating our son Reece who broke his leg and in a cast.  Amazing food, I cannot wait to come back – a week is not enough. Xx

Amanda & John Ellerton 16/07 – 23/07/16

CARP:  28lb 4oz, 36lb, 37lb 8oz, 29lb, 39lb 4oz, 44lb 8oz

What can we say – yet another fantastic trip.  12 Carp to 44lb 8oz and a glorious week of sunshine and wonderful food.  Can’t wait till next time.  Thanks Dave & Sue

Lee Reed Party  23/07 – 30/07/16

CARP: 37lb 4oz, 30lb 8oz, 29lb, 20lb, 29lb 3oz, 28lb 8oz plus numerous doubles from Cat lake.

CATS: 76lb 8oz, 72lb

A great week had by all – again!  Awesome venue, great company and excellent hosts!  PBs broke again.  Can’t wait for next year!

Andy Collins Party (AKA Staines Massive) 30/07 – 06/08/16

CARP:  38lb, 33lb, 42lb, 46lb, 33lb, 46lb, 42lb, 46lb plus 5 twenties.

CATS: 8 fish up to 47lb 5oz

The only think wrong with this place is I can’t find anything wrong!  We are the Staines Massive and we have been coming here for a decade and we will keep coming back!!!!!

10 Years later and still 4 PB’s

Steve Wiles & Josh 06/08 – 13/08/16

CARP: 42lb 4oz, 36lb 8oz, 46lb 4oz, 33lb 4oz, 31lb 4oz, 30lb 8oz, 25lb 10oz, 28lb

CATS: 32lb 4oz, 25lb

Lovely peace and quite, great fishing, perfect condition fish and hotel standart facilities.

Phill Collins Party 13/08 – 20/08/16

CARP:39lb, 52lb 8oz, 29lb 8oz, 35lb 8oz,

Very seclusive and private, really quite with superb fishing.  Every fish is immaculate.  Well looked after premises with food facilities, quality food for even the fussiest

Steve Martin Party 20/08 – 27/08/16

CARP: 35lb, 35lb, 39lb 8oz, 26lb 6oz,

CATS:  69lb, 36lb

Our second visit, absolutely brilliant, will miss Sue’s food.  Very hot so fishing a bit slow but managed to bank a few.  Great chill & relax, fantastic hosts. Until next time.

Lovely hosts, food is great, great lakes, quality all round.  Will be back next year fer sure, Dave & Sue are lovely.

Andrew Hughes Party 27/08 – 03/09/16

CARP:  49lb 6oz, 29lb 12oz, 35lb, 29lb, 25lb 10oz, 34lb 8oz, 37lb, 33lb 4oz

CATS:  35lb 12oz, 46lb 4oz, 58lb 8oz, 47lb, 69lb

Great first French fishing holiday.  Had some really nice fish.  Very welcome feel on arrival and throughout.  Food was superb throughout, not a crumb left.

Ben Stock Party 03/09 – 10/09/16 CARP LAKE ONLY

CARP:  35lb 9oz, 34lb 2oz, 24lb 8oz, 33lb 13oz, 20lb, 41lb 12oz, 20lb 9oz, 22lb, 26lb 4oz, 44lb 6oz, 25lb 12oz

GRASSCARP: 25lb, 43lb 1oz,

First visit to the lakes, great week of fishing+ the food was fantastic, Dave & Sue couln’t have don anymore for us, we will be back!!! THANK YOU!

Aron Robinson 03/09 – 10/09/16 CAT LAKE ONLY

CATS:  49.9lb, 45lb, 34lb, 25lb

CARP:  plenty of doubles

Great first time, thank you.

Neil Baldwin Party 10/09 – 17/09/16 CAT LAKE ONLY

150 Carp doubles, 22lb cat, 13lb cat, 46lb 8oz cat.

First visit, great hosts, exceptional food, will re-book.

Lee Giddens Party 10/09 – 17/09/16 CARP LAKE ONLY

CARP:  31lb 8oz, 22lb 14oz, 34lb 12oz plus doubles.

Great hosts, food was brilliant, will be back again to now beat my French PB of 34.b 12oz

Peter Lucas Party 17/09 – 24/09/16

CARP:  40lb, 25lb 2oz plus loads of doubles totalling 250lbs +

Dave & Sue are great hosts, food is fantastic! And lakes are stunning.  Both of us had a PB, mine was a 40lb.

Steve Wiles Party 24/09 – 01/10/16

CARP:  36lb, 28lb 2oz, 30lb 3oz, 36lb 7oz,

CATS:  46lb, 63lb, 40lb

Amazing food as usual.  Thanks Dave & Sue for making us feel welcome.

Louis Laundrie Party 01/10 – 07/10/16

CARP:  43lb 8oz, 45lb 4oz plus 2 doubles

Very slow fishing, but a new PB so chuffed to bits.  Small lake is good sport during the day.

Gary Pitman & Party 07/10 – 14/10/16

CARP:  25lb 7oz, 46lb 7oz

CATS: 4 to 48lb

Fishing hard, but 2 PB’s achieved.  48lb Cat & 46lb Mirror.  Food outstanding, hospitality and facilities great.  Many thanks.

Ian Williams & Party 14/10 – 21/10/16

CARP:  26lb, 40lb 8oz, 21lb, 37lb, 39lb, 38lb, 20lb, 43lb, 20lb, 20lb, 23lb, 23lb, 29lb, 29lb, 20lb, 26lb, 22lb, 20lb, 20lb, 30lb

Hard fishing but came armed with maggots and managed to pick them off.  Was damp most of the week.  Fishing was great as usual and the food still fantastic.  Thanks for a great week again!!!

Dan Hursey & family 22/10 – 29/10/16

CARP:  35lb, 20lb plus 40+ doubles from Cat Lake

Great to be back, weather not too bad, a few lovely sunny days and raining.  Caught everyday,  Reece our son a 35lb carp and 2 catfish15 – 20lb.  Excellent venue, hospitality from Sue & Dave fantastic, food again outstanding and everything was our favourite! Can’t wait to be back in July  

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