ALL LAKE RULES MUST BE FOLLOWED WITHOUT EXCEPTION                                                                                            


No unattended rods and only 3 in use at a time.

Barbless hooks only, no crushed barbs, buy the right hooks. No long shank Nailer or bent hooks of any type.

No litter including cigarette ends.

No sacking.

Large unhooking mats must be used and antiseptic must be applied. Unhooking mats may be hired for a small charge.

Landing nets minimum 42 inch.

Please remove any sharp jewelry and watches.

No standing with fish during capture and photography.

Minimum 15lb line, spools must be full.

No shelf life or preserved boilies. (See Note 11)

No nut baits or nut products of any sort, No salted baits.

No particles unless supplied by us.

Only Carp pellets supplied by us may be used.

No Trout pellets.

Bait boats by prior arrangement only.

No transfer of fish between lakes under any circumstances.

Gates on property must be kept closed.

2. Shower, Toilet, Cabin and Swims must be left in the good condition they are found.  Please advise of any defects or breakages as soon as possible.  

3. Please do not arrive before 2pm and we ask you to be off the lakeside by 10am on day of departure.

4. A 200 euro or sterling deposit per party must be left on the day of arrival, refundable on day of departure.

5. All accounts must be settled in full on the day of departure.

6. Windmill Lakes cannot be held responsible for any theft of or damage to personal items, equipment or vehicles whilst on the site.

7. Windmill Lakes cannot be held responsible for any personal injury sustained, or illness contracted during duration of holiday.

8. The row boat is on site for your use.  It is used at your own risk.  Buoyancy jackets must be worn.

9. In the advent of adverse weather, (serious storms & high winds) we suggest anglers seek shelter away from the large trees, or in extreme cases at the house.

10. After unloading, vehicles must be parked in the designated spaces we choose. Vehicles must not be driven around the venue during your stay.

11. Some manufacturers are making bait with Powdered Egg, Potassium Sorbate and Acetic & Phosphoric acids rather than using fresh eggs. They do not notify you of this on their packaging so please check how your bait is made as these are banned as well. Your boilies must be manufactured with fresh egg.

It is strongly recommended that all customers have valid travel  insurance AND an E111 European Medical card, available at:  Without which you will be expected to pay for any hospital, medical treatment or ambulances.

If you have any questions about the rules, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to discuss or explain them further.

Windmill Lakes

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